Welcome to a resource for the harmonization & restoration of your Heart Intelligence. Where you can awaken the essence of who you are, an original uniqueness that is anchored in your Soul.

As a visionary truth seeker, this is what I do. I take you into a quest, a search of your true self, the one buried under all the cultural and learned/conditioned behaviors. I guide you into your own remembrance, your gifts and the realization of those gifts and your uniqueness.

Suffering is simply the dissonance that comes from believing the lie told by others instead of the truth emanating from our heart. The good news is that the pain experienced by being stuck in this lie, is continually beaconing us to reconcile with the truth within.

Guiding others presenting symptoms of stress, anxiety, irrational fear, worry, schizophrenia, or obsessive compulsive disorders into their Heart Intelligence; I have observed that this inner sacred place is just like a Michelangelo masterpiece who's magnificent beauty is covered with all the learned conditioned behaviors preventing them from expressing freely their true being. Know that you are not crazy, the culture is crazy.

Though an inner reconciliation process it is possible to bring the Heart to its original state, where we are able to experience life truly in all its magnificence. Without reawkening our original state of inner innocence we will continue acting from a place of fear, which causes us to protect and defend self even when we do not realize we are doing so. Wc can recondition the Inner Heart and increase our confidence and ability to go through fear instead of living with it. When decisions are made based on trust in a benevolent universe supporting us, instead of one from which we must defend against at all times, life totally shifts to one of peace.

The inner reconciliation process allows one to acknowledge and release traumatic experiences safely. Thereby an inner reconciliation is possible within the Heart, bringing it back to a state of harmony and peace; to re-awaken to the joy within, which you were born with.

Are you ready to live the essence of your Soul? To exercise your freedom of choice? To live your life to its fullest?